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NU Skin Company Review

Nu Skin company specifically deals with skin care and cosmetic products. It operates as a direct sales company or on a multi-level business marketing model. To join the company as an independent distributor, you first need to pay a start up fee of approximately some few hundred dollars. Once a person is accepted as an independent distributor, she can be supplied with the company’s products and retail the same from home. Additionally, as a recruit, you can even make more money by building and expanding a team of distributors. Read Indeed Nu Skin reviews about the company to learn more. Put differently; you can talk to your family, friend or acquaintances and ask them to join and help sell Nu Skin products at a commission.

NU Skin Company review

The company Nu Skin company has existed since 1984. The company was co-founded by Blake Roney, Sandi Tollison and Steven Lund with a moderate capital but has since evolved and currently has over USD 1 billion annual sales turnover. Today, the company sales its skin care products to over 50 countries around the world. Of remarkable significance is its impressive growth record.



Just like any other great network marketing company, Nu Skin company manufactures great products to ensure it does well in the market. The company has been in existence for over 20 years, and this pretty much paints a favorable picture of its products. In a nutshell, Nu Skin company produces and sells a wide range of products including face care products, body care products, as well as weight management products. Simply put, the company is expert in formulating over 200 skin and health care products.

Products side effects

To date, no major side effect has been recorded with using Nu Skin company products. This is major because the company observes due diligence in its manufacturing process. In fact, every facet of the company manufacturing process is handled by an expert. This has resulted in superior products with no major side effect.

Nu skin compensation plan

Nu Skin company utilizes the multi-level business marketing model. The model works on a formula that each distributor directly markets the company’s products to potential customers. The same distributor can also recruit and train others to become distributors. The distributors are then paid from the retail sales markup on the products they can sell. Additionally, the distributor is paid a performance bonus weighted on the sales of distributors that they have recruited. The company pays on average 43% of its revenue in sales compensations.


Does Nu Skin business model work?

Contrary to what many thought, Nu Skin company isn’t a scam. The company has withered the storm and surpassed countless challenges including lawsuits instigated by the state to become a formidable force to reckon with in cosmetic and beauty industry. The claim that Nu Skin company is a fraud has never been substantiated.

Besides, how can a reputable company that has a global reach and been in existence for over twenty years be a fraud? One reason why some claim it’s a scam is probably that they failed in it and the reason for failure wasn’t because the company duped them but rather because of their lack of competence or skill.